Remembering my wedding.....

I was just looking through my diary, planning my week , the first week back after Easter – and noticed that my wedding anniversary is approaching. 15 years and 3 children – wow – how on earth did that happen?!

Fifteen years does seem like a milestone – so importantly I look up to see if I am due any diamonds or precious stones!…nope – 15 years is crystal. Not so bad, I remember the early years being paper and tin. Crystal is quite good – some crystal glasses, decanter – or even… antique crystal perfume bottle…..


I find that trying to recall my wedding day and the detail is actually quite difficult – the day really did pass in a blur of emotion and excitement.


But I think the most vivid memories are definitely those based on the senses.


I remember the intense feeling of excitement getting ready with my bridesmaids – my sister, cousins, and my oldest friend.


I can remember the incredible sense of joy, laughter, and love – as I entered the church. We had had a summer down pour and a panic for umbrellas so were late and giddy.


I can remember the corsetry on my dress – like nothing I had felt before! The exquisite touch of the beautiful flowered lace my mother has painstaking sewn throughout my veil.


The clamminess of my hand – tightly holding my gorgeous Dad’s hand down the aisle. I can even remember the aching feeling in my face from smiling so much.


And the scents! Scent is such a powerful trigger of memory. I actually think it is our strongest sense. The smells of the incense and candles in the church. The flowers – lilies, roses, peonies , purple Scottish thistles – I remember the intensity of colour and fragrance.


And our wedding scents - this is one of the most enduring memories – and the moment I smell these scents now – I go back to my wedding day in an instant.

I wore Guerlain’s Samsara – that beautiful elixir of sandalwood and jasmine. My husband wore classic Acqua di palma – fresh, citrus sophistication.


If I could go back and talk to myself 15 years ago whilst planning my wedding, that is what I would advise, to focus on the elements that will be the lasting memories. The senses – and most importantly scent!


Happy wedding season – and happy wedding planning


Imogen x

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